Monday, August 22, 2011


About 45 minutes northeast of the Twin Cities is the delightful Franconia Sculpture Park.  See: for details.  Yesterday Kevin and I were passing through and stopped to see what was new since our last visit.  It was fabulous!  These photos tell the story.

Boat & Anchor.

 Garden Bench.
 Suspended House.
 Orange & Yellow
 Into the Maze.
 Holding up the Earth.
 Purple & Pink Bunker.
 House Constructed from Free Items on Craigslist.
 Craigslist House - Framed.
 Lizard Lounge.
 "Amble" - a prehistoric garden bench.
 Man Coming Apart.
Gym Set.
All sculptures in the park are available for sale!  I could use one for my sculpture garden!!!

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