Thursday, March 18, 2010


Such a beautiful day, and wouldn't it be nice to get out in the garden! Unfortunately, it is too early. At this time we need to stay off the grass and out of the gardens so as to avoid root compaction. It's also too early to begin cleaning out the gardens since the dead material will act as protection when we get colder/freezing weather. So, until we are certain that no more freezing weather is coming, we can't do much outside. That doesn't mean we can't get going on our summer gardening projects. My to-do list includes:
*clean garden ornaments
*clean and oil garden tools
*make to-do list of gardening projects for this summer
*clean garden shed/garage
*order seeds
*sell a set of patio furniture on CraigsList
*get mower blades sharpened
*organize my daylily file
*fix our wheelbarrows
Okay, I guess I should have done these things last Fall or over the Winter.  Well, you know how it goes!

What I have done is plan for a labyrinth garden. The site has been selected; I have drawn up the plans; and we already have the materials. Here are a few photos of the new site and the materials:

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This last photo also shows our fire pit which I put together just before I learned about the truly bad health effects of wood burning.  Now it's unlikely that we'll be using it again.  Anyway, I will be putting in a cotoneaster hedge along the trail edge where you see the black buckets.  That way the labyrinth garden will be enclosed on three sides by trees and shrubs.  More later!


  1. It's a good thing that you wrote this, I was planning to start cleaning out the flower beds this weekend! I have a few new plants that probably require extra protection, too. I could have harmed them. However, I put up my bird feeders and houses this week! Yay! :)

  2. The birds will be very happy! I need to get my bird feeders out... tomorrow? Enjoy your weekend! XO