Friday, July 26, 2013


Just about every Summer weekend in Minnesota there are garden tours going on.  I was so pleased to hear that the neighborhood I grew up in was having a garden tour and that maps should be picked up at the school I went to from kindergarten through 8th grade.  It was so much fun walking through the school with my niece and reminiscing about times spent at the school.  But we were really most excited to visit the 14 gardens on the tour!  Here are just a few photos from our delightful day.

 The iris adds a perfect backdrop to this little scene.

 Another use for a birdbath.
 Reuse, recycle!  The tin man.

A lovely spider daylily.

 A water garden with interesting plants.

Normally I don't like plants growing together, but this was very dramatic!

The following six photos are of a fairy garden that extended the entire length of a house.

 Notice all of the miniature plants - mini-shrub roses, heuchera, and the pine tree.

There were many, many varieties of mini-hostas.

The fairy garden ran the length of the house!

The most beautiful flower in all of the gardens - my niece!

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  1. I too like the texture of the hosta with the grass, or is it an iris. For a while I had a variegated dogwood that was situated very close to a pink peony. When the peony bloomed it looked like the dogwood had the blooms. Very pretty. I have another variegated dogwood that has a bleeding heart that grows within the branches - no way to remove without destroying both. Every Spring it puzzles me, but it appears they are compatible.