Friday, April 26, 2013


Here is a little tour of the cuisines of France, "Ranch", and China via vintage postcards.

This first postcard shows original artwork, all pen and ink.  Notice the date on the lower right side as July 18, 1915.  Do you know French?  Please interpret this for all of us.  Here's what I think the menu consists of:  hors d'oeuvres, beef  Zossen (?), peas and potatoes Douvellas (?), ham, salad (perhaps ham salad?), pineapple pudding and desserts.  Sounds good to me!

Next, we have "Country" cuisine from the Old Hearst Ranch in Pleasanton, California.  What I really enjoy about this menu are the prices.  Imagine paying $2.50 for "Roast Ranch Turkey - Walnut Dressing; Dude Ranch Breakfast and Radio Show and Colorful folk dancing exhibition and guest participation".  While they advertise this as a dude ranch with country food, Thursday night features German foods, and Friday night features Indian food.  I'm also showing the back of this postcard since I love the woman on the back with the beach ball.

Finally, below we see Chinese food on a vintage postcard.  The full menu costs only $1.25!  It sounds like a delicious meal!  On the back of the card it states: "Visit our Cafe equal to a trip to China."  The restaurant was located in San Francisco.

I hope you have enjoyed these few little menus.  

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