Wednesday, March 27, 2013


This is an odd and unlikely coincidence, but hear me out.  A year ago Kevin and I went to South America, including Brazil.  A few months later, Macy's Flower Show featured Brazil.  This year, we went to India and I just got home from Macy's Flower Show featured India!  Pretty strange,  huh?!?   I love that Macy's puts on this annual show.   It is beautiful and such a fun thing to do to get pumped up for the coming Spring flowers.  Enjoy this little tour through India, via Macy's.

 These are table settings inspired by Indian colors and  motifs.

 To check out my blog on last year's show on Brazil, just click on this sentence. 

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  1. How pretty! Thanks for posting! It was a nice little taste of Spring. :)