Saturday, October 8, 2011


We're just back from a trip out east and have some great photos to entice your appetites!  As you go through the photos notice the beautiful presentation of the food.  We are so used to putting our foods in their own little piles on the plate, a practice that doesn't do much to stimulate the appetite.  Food scientists have studied human behavior based on preconceptions.  For example, they have found that if you tell a person that a high quality, expensive bottle of wine costs only $6, most tasters will say that they don't like the wine.  Conversely, if you tell tasters that a cheap bottle of wine costs $99 they will likely say that they love the wine!  When people sit down to a beautiful table, and the food is presented in an attractive manner, they will enjoy the food much more than they would otherwise.  So, give thought to how you may make the presentation of your food dishes more attractive, particularly when you entertain.  Hint:  A sprig of parsley won't do!

Toasted sesame seeds, tarragon and a dot of creme fraiche create a "flower."
A lovely presentation for an appetizer, on an interesting plate.  The greens in the center pull the dish together.

A salad of roasted pears, walnuts, greens and blue cheese on a plate that complements the salad.
Serving this salad on a blue plate really brings out the colors.

This entree is almost too beautiful to eat!  Can you name all of the components of the dish?

Imagine serving this entree in little piles of each food item?  It just wouldn't be the same!

Can you name all of the components to this dish?  There are so many that it really needs to be served on a white plate - the bigger the better.

Here we do have a presentation of little piles but notice the colors, textures and arrangement of each item.  The beurre blanc pulls it all together.


Lobster always looks good to me but this is off the charts!  And it tasted divine!

And now for dessert!

Enough said!  Now I'm hungry!!!

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