Monday, February 7, 2011


Those of you in Minnesota know what a grueling winter we've had.  Naturally, breaking up the winter to take warm-weather trips makes winters so much more manageable.  Thus, my recent trip to San Antonio, Texas.  This was my second year going there and I really love the place.   Travel with me via the pics below to warm San Antonio.

Happy Hour!

King William Historic District.

Wreath made out of cactus.

Villa Finale, a National Trust Historic Site, filled with interesting collections of the prior owner.

Outside a shop at La Villita.

Japanese Tea Garden.

River barge ride. The river runs through San Antonio. Along the riverwalk are restaurants, shops and people watching. Fun!

St. Anthony Hotel.


  1. Absolutely beautiful! Looks like everything I would want to do! :)

  2. I am in love with that cowboy boot!!! Looks like a piece that belongs in my living room! :) Must have been a wonderful trip! I really think the riverwalk is just breathtaking! Definitely something that everyone should see! I have never seen anything like it!